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Bloomberg Analyst Eric Balchunas believes that the SEC is likely to approve a Bitcoin futures ETF soon, and it could be launched as soon as October.

What Happened: In a series of tweets, Eric has said that the recent Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) withdrawals by VanEck and ProShares are a good sign for Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) futures ETFs and it could be approved soon by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Eric was referring to a statement made by ETF analyst James Seyffart.

In another tweet, Eric has said, “We think Ether withdrawal shows SEC has a…

A new research has highlighted a total of eight apps masquerading as cryptocurrency mining apps and duping people of their money, on promises of returns through the mined cryptocurrencies.

A total of eight apps have been removed from the Google Play Store that duped people under the pretext of being cryptocurrency mining apps.

Even though the apps have been banned by Google from its app store, those already possessing them on their phones will have to delete these apps manually.

Apps named around cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Miner, Bitcoin (BTC) and others, lured people into spending money on them through promises of big profits in return.

The apps disguised themselves as cryptocurrency mining apps that conducted cloud-mining operations, and some of them even found a listing on Play Store’s…

LONDON, Aug 23 (Reuters) — PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL.O) will allow customers in the UK to buy, sell and hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies starting this week, the company said on Monday.

The roll-out, which marks the first international expansion of PayPal’s cryptocurrencies services outside of the United States, could inspire further mainstream adoption of the new asset class.

With over 403 million active accounts globally, the San Jose, California-based company is one of the largest mainstream financial companies to offer consumers access to cryptocurrencies.

PayPal launched cryptocurrency buying and selling in the United States early this year, later enabling…

Leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid has been hit by hackers, with almost $100m (£73m) estimated to have been stolen.

The company announced that some of its digital currency wallets have been “compromised.”

It is the second major theft of cryptocurrencies to take place in recent days.

Last week, digital token platform Poly Network was at the centre of a $600m heist.

“We are sorry to announce that #LiquidGlobal warm wallets were compromised, we are moving assets into the cold wallet,” the company said on Twitter.

So-called ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ digital wallets are usually based online and designed to allow users…

Global cryptocurrency adoption among individual investors has surged in the past year, according to crypto-analysis firm Chainalysis.

Using factors like peer-to-peer exchange trading volume and value received, Chainalysis said global crypto adoption rose some 881% in the past 12 months.

The firm sees institutional markets as crucial but aimed to highlight the countries with the greatest crypto adoption by retail investors.

It focused on use cases related to transactions and individual saving, rather than trading and speculation.

Top-ranked countries are Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Ukraine.

“In emerging markets, many turn to cryptocurrency to preserve their savings in the face of…

World’s oldest crypto exchange is staying out of the altcoin race

Bitstamp will not engage with smaller cryptocurrencies that are rising in popularity such as dogecoin, bucking a trend set by other prominent exchanges keen to cash in on the craze.

So-called altcoins have been steadily gaining traction among the crypto community during 2021’s bull run, as traders seek out major windfalls by investing in coins that might become the next bitcoin or ether.

Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency started as a joke in 2015, rose as high as $0.74 in May, powered by high-profile tweets and the coin’s debut on major exchanges including Kraken, Gemini and Coinbase. …

An enterprising brother-sister team in a North Dallas suburb are pulling down as much as $32,000 a month by eschewing the lemonade stand and focusing instead on mining Ethereum.

Ishaan Thakur, 14, and his sister Aanya, 9, have seen their college fund swell this year after they began mining in March with an old gaming computer.

That first month, they made $1,000, reports the Dallas Morning News. The numbers have soared since then.

With interest spurred after hearing their father talk about the rise of cryptocurrencies, the pair initially wanted to invest in crypto, but it was already too expensive…

Sen. Cynthia Lummis is a Bitcoin evangelist and MAGA hardliner who’s won over the crypto community, even as she faces scrutiny over her personal investments.

As the Senate was nearing the finish line on its massive infrastructure bill last week, the very online and very intense world of cryptocurrency was looking to Capitol Hill and getting antsy.

In order to pay for a $1 trillion investment in roads, railways and utilities infrastructure, the bill offered new rules governing how owners of digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum report the value of their holdings to the IRS — a change projected…

MIAMI, Aug 12 (Reuters) — Soccer star Lionel Messi’s signing on fee at Paris St Germain includes some of the French club’s cryptocurrency fan tokens, in the latest big name endorsement of new digital assets.

The Argentine, 34, left Spanish side Barcelona and signed a two-year contract with Qatari-owned Paris St Germain (PSG), with an option for a third year, on Tuesday.

Confirming an exclusive Reuters report, PSG said on Thursday the tokens were included in his “welcome package,” which media reports have estimated at 25–30 million euros ($29–35 million). …

The family that bet everything on bitcoin when it was $900 is now storing it in secret vaults

on four different continents

Didi Taihuttu, along with his wife and three kids, liquidated all of their assets and bought bitcoin in 2017, back when it was trading at around $900. Now, the Dutch family of five is safeguarding most of their crypto fortune in secret vaults on four different continents.

“I have hidden the hardware wallets across several countries so that I never have to fly very far if I need to access my cold wallet, in order to jump out of the market,” explained Taihuttu, patriarch of the so-called Bitcoin Family.

Taihuttu has two hiding spots in Europe, another two in Asia…


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